Here Are The 10 Best Atreyu Songs According To Members of Memphis May Fire & Ice Nine Kills


Look, it’s not every day one of your bigger musical influences reaches out to your band and asks you to go on tour with them. However, for horror-obsessed metalcore outfit Ice Nine Kills (especially vocalist Spencer Charnas), that’s exactly what happened for Atreyu’s upcoming Noise Presents In Our Wake Tour

“Atreyu was one of the first metalcore bands I really, really got into,” says Charnas. “I remember when [Ice Nine Kills] started to be more metal, Atreyu was 100% an influence on myself – especially the album The Curse. So the fact that they even know who we are, let alone want us to open for them, is just a really big honor. It’s kind of surreal.”

As for Ice Nine Kills and Atreyu’s soon-to-be tourmates Memphis May Fire, vocalist Matty Mullins had a similar “pinch me” moment when it came to joining Atreyu on the road telling us, “I worked at Hot Topic when I was sixteen and the first thing I ever bought from there was Atreyu’s The Cursed hoodie.”

See, like a lot of you reading this, Atreyu has been that band that either got us into heavy music for the first time or helped us expand our musical interests. Whether it was their beloved debut LP Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses, their breakout release The Curse, their smash album Lead Sails Paper Anchor or any of their other brilliant releases – including their recent record In Our Wake – there’s no denying that the Orange Country outfit has impacted bands and fans of all walks of life all across the globe.  

Now, to help get you all a little more excited for Atreyu’s upcoming headliner which kicks November 9th, we asked Charnas and Mullins to put together a list of some of their all-time favorite Atreyu tracks. To see if your personal favorites made the list, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Atreyu, Memphis May Fire, Ice Nine Kills and Sleeps Signals all on tour together here.

Matty Mullins - Memphis May Fire


01) “Bleeding Mascara” 

02) “Exs and Ohs”

03) “Becoming The Bull”

04) “The Crimson”

05) “In Our Wake”  

Spencer Charnas - Ice Nine Kills 


01) “Bleeding Mascara”

02) “Right Side Of The Bed”

03) “Lip Gloss And Black”

04) “Becoming The Bull”

05) “The Theft”