Here Are Six Emerging Instrumental Acts You Need To Hear According To Chon’s Nathan Camarena


Unless you’ve been in outer space or on a mission to listen to nothing but terrible music, we’re hoping there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard the sweet, sweet sounds of the incomparable instrumental act Chon.

Signed to Sumerian Records and primarily dabbling in the progressive metal world at the start of their career touring with the likes of Periphery, The Contortionist, and Animals As Leaders, the San Diego trio has recently brought their guitar-tapping tones and shred-worthy tunes to new heights with their latest chilled-out LP Homey.

Stepping slightly out of their comfort zone and showing off more of an electronic influence on their new album, Chon may have caught a few fans off guard with tracks like “Nayhoo” featuring trap house jazz artist Masego and former Issues DJ Lophiile and “Feel This Way” featuring electronic music producer Giraffage. However, after talking to drummer Nathan Camarena about some of his favorite artists right now, it’s apparent Chon’s stylistic change was only a matter of time as he and the band’s tastes grew over the years. 

Listing artists like Homey contributor Go Yama and Scotland producer Sam Gellaitry – who Camarena thinks will be the next Skrillex – as some of his favorite emerging acts, the Chon drummer certainly has a taste for more than just guitar-driven music.

To check out some of Camarena's other favorite instrumental acts and reasons why he enjoys them, be sure to see below. Afterwards, make sure to grab tickets to see Chon out on tour with Circa Survive, Thrice, and Balance and Composure here.    


“Ichika is straight up one of the most impressive guitar players I’ve ever seen. He has a combination of incredible speed and utter cleanliness to his playing that makes him a show to watch. He’s definitely going to be playing some insane gigs in the near future.” 

Go Yama

“Go Yama is an insanely talented producer and also an amazing guitar player from the Bay Area. He’s doing some awesome stuff with electronic music with live guitar. He for sure is one of the most underrated musicians out there right now. I’d love to play drums for him live. My favorite song of his is ‘Sequences.’”


“Tennyson is a brother-sister duo from Canada and while they have a few songs with vocals, they’re mostly instrumental. I think they’ve got the most unique sound of any band or electronic artist nowadays. Definitely check out ‘Lay-by’ by them, it’s one of the sickest songs ever in my opinion.”

Sam Gellaitry

“Sam Gellaitry is this young prodigy producer from Scotland. I’m pretty sure he’s like two years younger than me or something. He’s a beast, and I personally think he’s gonna be the next Cashmere Cat or Skrillex or something. Listen to ‘Midnight Racer’ and ‘Us.’” 

Tigran Hamasyan

“Tigran Hamasyan is technically the only artist on this list that primarily uses real instruments rather than electronic sounds. He’s one of our biggest musical inspirations ever for sure. He’s like a cross between Hiromi style fusion and Meshuggah style heaviness. He’s a future legend and anyone who digs us should be listening to him. My favorite track of his is ‘Road Song.’”

Beau Diakowicz

“Beau Diakowicz is a guitarist from the UK with an insanely unique style. He’s one of those guys who manages to make every little riff he plays sound good. Check out his collaboration with music producer Lindsay Lowend for some super chill guitar laced beats.”

November 7, 2017