Here Are Five Albums That Helped Shape The Faim’s Charismatic Debut EP ‘Summer Is A Curse’


Calling all fans of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco! If you’ve been on the hunt for a young emerging act tailor-made to become the next alt-rock arena act, look no further than Australian three-piece The Faim.  

Already working with the likes of John Feldmann, Pete Wentz, Mark Hoppus, Josh Dun and 5 Seconds To Summer’s Ashton Irwin – you know, only like the who’s who of our industry – the trio is slowly but surely making themselves known here in the US.

Now with the release of their debut six-track EP Summer Is A Curse hitting stores today, we wanted to get inside the head of vocalist Josh Raven, bassist/keyboardist Stephen Beerkens and drummer Sean Tighe to find out exactly who helped inspired them to formulate their captivating and charismatic sound.

To check out who Tighe lists as the band’s five biggest influences for their new John Feldmann-produced EP, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab a copy of Summer Is A Curse here.     


Coldplay’s songs are huge and have a straight up arena-sized sound… powerful and EPIC! Especially on their album Ghost Stories. Their music gets better and better with every album. We’re so inspired by that – the ability to change so quickly and make your core sound not only better but more and more diverse with each album. It’s very motivating and is what we went for with each song we wrote. We want each track to have that feeling of extreme fulfillment and reach out to all of our listeners. 


TOP’s songs have that modern pop-culture element that we love! That drum, bass and reggae sound on their album Vessel makes it so unique and the sound that they deliver to the world is massive. Their live performance is also what really inspires us – not losing energy on stage and doing things out of the ordinary. Getting to work with Joshua Dun was so inspiring for us all and we got to really step into the creative mind where we learned so much on how to write songs that people ultimately want to hear and songs that relate to people!  


The passion and powerful sound that Imagine Dragons shows off is incredible. “Radioactive” from the album Night Visions is one of those songs that you hear and never get sick of it – and it stays modern every time you listen. We’re inspired by the overall ability to be able to do that and we want our listeners to feel the same.  


The Joshua Tree is a quality U2 album. When that came out, the world got struck with something completely new and unique that a lot of people fell in love with. It was a sound that always makes you feel good – that huge, alternative, stadium-rock sound. We’re a massive believer in the idea of creating songs that give off that same vibe and letting people fall in love with the emotion each song brings to the table. 


The control and tone of Adam Levine’s voice on their record It Won’t Be Soon Before Long is very mesmerizing and gives me goosebumps every time which ties into the pop music element they represent. We really wanted to dive deep into the idea of writing songs that give off that same feeling with Josh’s voice. Every time you listen, we hope we’ve reached the limit with the right emotion our songs deserve.