Hear The Menzingers Bring The Jams With New Title Track Off Forthcoming Album

With a little less than a month to go until The Menzingers drop their fifth full-length album After The Party, the Philly alt-punk outfit is treating fans to the premiere of a brand new single. 

Also titled as “After The Party,” the new track is an emotional stereoscope glancing through vocalist/guitarist Greg Barnett’s love life via various personal snapshots – snapshots not snapchats.  

“The title track to the record, ‘After the Party,’ is the central emotional epiphany of the album, written in images,” explained Barnett. “They’re mundane moments etched behind eyelids that culminate into meaningful realizations, and of course give way to the beautiful trifecta of Sex! Drugs! Rock n Roll!”

“It’s a bit of an ode to Meat Loaf’s verse in ‘I’d Do Anything for Love,’” the co-vocalist continued to add. “But the God of drums? You lost me. Vladimir Nabokov once said in an interview: ‘I don’t think in language. I think in images.’ I wanted to play off that idea, and use imagery as unexciting as the sludge in the bottom of a coffee cup to tell a bigger story. In doing so, it captured the excitement of falling in love that language often misses. Turns out my twenties can be summed up quite similarly.”

To get your ears all over the title track for the first of probably twenty times today, be sure to look below. Afterwards, After The Party pre-orders, as well as tickets to see The Menzingers alongside Jeff Rosenstock and Roswell Kid, can be found here

[via Stereogum]