Hear The Fall of Troy’s Alternate Version of New Album ‘OK’


One month after releasing their new comeback record OK, The Fall of Troy has returned to release OK#2 – a new, alternate version of their previously released record.

“When we were making this album,” the band wrote on their website, “We wanted to do a few things we haven’t had the chance to do previously in our career; work with multiple artists, work with multiple producers and work only for our fans.”

“We understood when working on this album that everyone hears The Fall of Troy differently. We would like to respect that, and you, as much as possible. So, here is a different take of the album, with a different take on the artwork. OK#2 represents a different version of us; the raw fury you hear at our shows and our earlier albums.”

To check out the new bass-heavy version of OK, you can stream it in full below or download it for free via the band’s website here. Afterwards, be sure to pick up tickets to see The Fall of Troy on their world tour here.