Hear Sylar’s New Take On Nü-Metal With Entertaining Single “Assume”


Just in case you guys weren’t aware, apparently we’re in the midst of a nü-metal revival. And, leading that charge seems to be New York’s up-and-coming outfit Sylar via their new lead single “Assume.”

Now, we realize it’s just one single off their forthcoming album Help! – which is due out August 26 via Hopeless Records – but by sounding like an Issues-meets-Limp-Bizkit-meets-Linkin Park love triangle, Sylar is clearly one of the many acts pushing the nu-metal sound back into the heavy music scene. Of course, we could be totally jumping to conclusions. But by the look of the braided break dancer seen above, Sylar definitely means business.

To give the new track a listen for yourself, be sure to grab your JNCO Jeans (we kid) and see below. Afterwards, pre-orders for Help! can be found here.