Hear Stray From The Path Try And Make The World A Better Place With “Actions Not Words”

Unless this is your very first time hearing Stray From The Path (which if it is, welcome!) you’re probably well aware that the band isn’t afraid to speak up for the voiceless. 

Using their platform to speak out on things like police brutality, corrupt politicians and more, today the New York natives are continuing to use their music for good by raising awareness for the struggling people in Kenya.

Talking about their powerful new track “Actions Not Words” the band wrote: 

“[‘Actions Not Words’ is] about the summer of 2018 when we were fortunate enough to travel to Kenya with two amazing organizations, @hardcorerehelpfoundation and @actionsnotwords_kenya. There, we were able to witness firsthand what these groups do on a daily basis: dedicate their entire lives to helping those in need.

In Kenya, clean drinking water—a luxury that we take for granted in many parts of the world—is hard to find. We teamed with @ricohuntjens of Hardcore Help to raise money through merchandise sales, which was then donated towards water filters for Kenyan families. We traveled with Rico to Nairobi, where we got to meet the community and help set up the filters, and from there we headed to Nakuru to join Ross Floyd and Agnes Mburu from Actions Not Words. Ross and Agnes brought us to the Gioto Garbage Slum, where people are living in incredibly difficult conditions. Food, clothing, and shelter are scarce, and the young children spend most of their time away from school trying to find these necessities for their families. Actions Not Words sponsors children from this area into boarding school, where they receive food, clean water, clothing, education, friendship, and a fair chance. It was heartbreaking to see the conditions these families live in, but inspiring to see the children spend time at the school where they are healthy, happy to learn, happy to be alive.

There honestly aren’t words to describe how perspective-altering this trip was, but with this song we did our best to communicate how inspired we are by the people we met and the work of organizations like Hardcore Help and Actions Not Words. They lay it all on the line to help those in need and they’re changing the world—slowly, but effectively. That kind of change is what it’s all about, and maybe it can start with all of us. It can start with trying to understand that many people don’t have as much as we do, with considering the lives of others and not just those in our closest circles, and with doing what we can to make sure that people have what they need to have a chance at happiness. We believe that every good gesture and deed will lead to another. People like Rico, Ross, Agnes, Hardcore Help, and Actions Not Words are changing the world. We want to try to be a part of that and we hope that you do too.”

To check out Stray From The Path’s new track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the band’s new album Internal Atomics before it hits stores November 1st via UNFD. For more info on Actions Not Words and all the great work they are doing in Kenya, head here.