Hear Stand Atlantic Push Boundaries With Exciting New Single “Wavelength”

Continuing to release new music once a month until this COVID-19 nightmare is behind us, today emerging pop-punk act Stand Atlantic has just shared their third new single titled “Wavelength.”

Switching things up from their previously released track “Drink To Drown,” Stand Atlantic’s latest is a fast-paced tune centered around new ideas and directions.   

“We wanted to push the boundaries with ‘Wavelength,’” says vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser. “The song itself is about pushing your own boundaries and trying to assimilate with someone.”

“Sometimes communication is lost to a point where it feels like you are speaking different languages,” Fraser adds. “Music is its own language and we wanted to challenge everything you thought you knew about Stand Atlantic. The entire record is no exception.”

To check out “Wavelength,” be sure to look below.