Hear Grayscale Gear Up For New LP ‘Nella Vita’ With Brand New Single “In Violet”

Grayscale fans it’s time to get excited as the emerging pop-punk act has just announced the release of their brand new album. 

Titled Nella Vita, the band’s second studio album and long-awaited follow up to 2017′s Adornment will officially hit stores September 6th via Fearless Records.

Talking about the highly anticipated “really personal” release, frontman Collin Walsh says, “The music provokes a lot of visuals because it’s very conversational, real, and romantic. I suppose that’s just how I write. The songs capture the spectrum of emotions that you experience in life, and real experiences like love, sex, being a teenager, addiction, pain, joy, grief, death, and everything. Life isn’t just one thing; neither is music. We’re a rock band, but we want people to dance, laugh, cry, and have fun." 

To give listeners a taste of what’s to come from their new album, the Philadelphia outfit has also premiered their second new single titled “In Violet.”

Speaking about their uplifting follow-up to “Painkiller Weather,” Walsh said, "When I die, I want people to celebrate my life and enjoy each other’s togetherness, rather than mourn my death in a miserable way. I’ve dealt with a lot of loss and long episodes of grief the past couple of years, and it made me realize how much it can wear on you. When I go, I want everyone to celebrate, sing, laugh, and dress in violet.”

To check out Grayscale’s new track to get you ready for Nella Vita, be sure to look below. Afterward, to pre-order the new 12-track record, head here.


01. “Just Right”
02. “Baby Blue”
03. “In Violet”
04. “YOUNG”
05. “Twilight (My Heaven)”
06. “Old Friends”
07. “Painkiller Weather”
08. “What’s on Your Mind”
09. “Asbury”
10. “Desert Queen”
11. “In My Arms”
12. “Tommy’s Song”