Hear Fire From The Gods Channel Their Metalcore-Meets-Rap Sound With New Single “Excuse Me”


Alright, so we know what you’re probably thinking: “Metalcore meets rap? That doesn’t sound too promising.” (Trust us, before we heard this new song, we’d most likely be on your side too.) However, before you abandon ship, just wait because Rise Records newcomers Fire From The Gods are about to destroy any and all previous expectations with their new track “Excuse Me.”

Taken from their forthcoming album Narrative which is due out August 26th on Rise, the band’s new single is a seamless combination of two polar opposite genres. Mashing AJ Channer’s political flow with the band’s guitar-driven sound, Fire From the Gods provides an impressive pairing we can’t wait to hear more of soon. 

In the meantime, while we wait for Narritive to drop, you can give “Excuse Me” a listen below and pre-order Fire From The Gods’ new album here.