Hear Employed To Serve’s New “Harsh Truth” Featuring Stray From The Path’s Drew Dijorio

2019 was a big year for emerging UK noisemakers Employed To Serve as they released their punishing 11-track LP Eternal Forward Motion. This year, looking to keep the momentum going, the band has just dropped an intense reworked version of their single “Harsh Truth” featuring Stray From The Path’s Drew Dijorio.

Commenting on the new hard-hitting release, frontwoman Justine Jones said, “‘Harsh Truth (Relived)’ is a reminder that past demons have a habit of rearing their ugly heads again, and that doesn’t spell defeat. It means you stare back at them with more determination than ever before. This song is a reworking of the album track ‘Harsh Truth’ that sees the song take a more primitive and visceral shape.”

Jones added, “The track also features a guest spot from our friend Drew Dijorio which takes the song to a whole other level. As soon as the guest spot started to take shape when we were reworking the track, we knew instantly Drew was the person for the job. The way he articulates his words with such venom fits perfectly with the groove whilst adding even more aggression to the track’s already punishing presence.”

To check out both the new and original version of “Harsh Truth,” be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from Employed To Serve, head here