Hear Descendents’ New Single That Will Most Likely Bring Your Punk Rock Roots Back To Life


Look guys, let’s face it: The punk scene nowadays isn’t as strong as it once was. We aren’t even trying to stir up any debates, it’s just with inventions like Spotify, Apple Music and even YouTube, you’d think we’d have new punk bands sprouting up everywhere keeping the angsty, middle-finger-to-the-sky attitude alive. Instead, things seem to be stuck in a not-so-aggressive, mosh pit-less rut. Thankfully though, here to save the day is the Southern California punk rock super squad Descendents.

Coming through with their first new album in over twelve years via their Epitaph Records release Hypercaffium Spazzinate, the longtime punk outfit is bound to stir up some vintage punk rock vibes with their brand new quick-paced, bass-heavy single “Victim Of Me.” With sounds similar to their extensive back catalog, there’s no denying Descendents’ new track will have you feeling all different kinds of nostalgia.      

To hear for yourself and relive punk’s glory days, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order Hypercaffium Spazzinate before it hits stores July 29 here