Hear Dance Gavin Dance Take Their Experimentation To The Next Level With “Young Robot”


As we said just a couple weeks back in reference to their oddball video for “Betrayed By The Game,” post-hardcore experiementalists Dance Gavin Dance have never been a band to do what you’d expect. Continuing to prove exactly that, the band has just completely outdone themselves with their latest single “Young Robot.”

Now first, before we even dive into the epic animated music video, let’s talk about the single itself. Starting off with a little, almost Zelda-like flute action, just 30-seconds into the track Dance Gavin Dance is already letting listeners know things are about to be a bit different. Then, with a seamless transition, the Sac-town crew quickly kicks into a vibey, nearly Southern-sounding groove showcasing Will Swan’s sensational guitar work. Progressing forward, the band jams into somewhat familiar territory to then immediately change the game with some disco-inspired riffage.

That’s right, to recap, Zelda, the South and disco are all incorporated in just the first two minutes of the song – amazing, we know. And to top it all off, lyrical mastermind Jon Mess somehow found a way to use “Brain, robot wang, gonna slang through the tang” in the track. Seriously, this band is just remarkable. 

As for the video, animated by DGD’s right-hand man John Howe, it follows an interesting plot line serving as an entertaining prequel to both “Death Of The Robot With Human Hair” and “Stroke God, Millionaire.” Without giving too much away, we suggest giving the first two videos a view to fully understand what you’re about to watch below. 

Afterwards, pre-orders for Dance Gavin Dance’s upcoming album Mothership – which hits stores October 7 – can be found here.