Hear Crown The Empire Return With Their “Most Important Song” Yet Titled “What I Am”

After releasing their first new song as a four-piece back in July, Texas post-hardcore outfit Crown The Empire are finally back with more new music. 

Titled “What I Am,” the band’s anthemic new single focuses on vocalist Andy Leo and his pursuit of becoming a better person by shedding various toxic relationships.    

“‘What I Am‘ is the most important Crown The Empire song we have released yet,” says Leo. “Throughout the past few years, I have been involved in some rough relationships with various people. I spent a lot of time writing the lyrics to this song because I was not having an easy time being so vulnerable and I HAD to get these words out for my own sanity.”

“It’s hard for anyone to ask themselves, ‘Did I make the right decision here? Am I being selfish or am I finally focusing on myself to be a better and happier person?’” adds Leo. “The answer was 100% ‘yes’ and I hope that this song will help anyone who feels the same way.”

To check out Crown The Empire’s new track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see the band out on tour with Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance and The Plot In You here.