Hear Beartooth Get Their “Wild Thing” On With New Hard Rock Cover

If you’re not an avid baseball fan and decided to skip out on watching this week’s Home Run Derby, there’s a very good chance you also missed out on hearing a new Beartooth cover. 

To help coincide with all the long balls and dingers that were hit at this week’s event held in Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus natives Beartooth premiered their rambunctious rendition of The Troggs’ “Wild Thing.”

Most notably known as the intro music for Major League’s fictional pitcher Ricky Vaughn played by Charlie Sheen (ask your parents), Beartooth’s version is a much louder rendition with aggressive guitar tones and ear-thumping bass lines.     

To check out the new cover which the band is now streaming on YouTube, be sure to see below. Afterward, for more from Beartooth, head here.