Hear Architects’ Sam Carter Guest On New Stray From The Path Track “First World Problem Child”

Releasing the third ruthless and relentless track off their forthcoming album Subliminal Criminals, Stray From The Path are proving they are out for blood and don’t really give a shit who they may or may not offend.

Titled as “First World Problem Child,” the new single kicks off with the lyrics “every rich white kid’s got something to say, shut the fuck up” showcasing the band’s disdain for wealthy immature youths who think they know it all.  

When asked about the track online, the band posted that the song is “supposed to be ‘cringe worthy’ in a sense” noting that they’re “talking about the kids that are handed everything and in turn [are] completely dehumanized and have no idea what it’s like to live in a less privileged situation.”

To check out the new single, buckle up and press play below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pre-order Subliminal Criminals but also pick up tickets to see Stray From The Path out on tour with Comeback Kid here.