Great News: Jeff Rosenstock Surprise Releases New LP ‘No Dream’

What’s better than a new surprise Jeff Rosenstock album? How about a new surprise Jeff Rosenstock album that’s completely free!?

That’s right! The former Bomb the Music Industry! brainchild and DIY extraordinaire has just dropped his fourth full-length album for free. 

Titled No Dream, Rosenstock’s new 13-track LP is available today for free download via Quote Unquote Records with all donations going to Food Not Bombs.

Talking about the new follow-up to 2018′s Post-, Rosenstock says, “It was feeling like a very personal record for me. A lot of it was stemming from the anxiety I was feeling from the last two years, this existential crisis of wondering who I am. I didn’t expect to be doing well, in my life, ever.”

He adds, “I got so used to putting out records that only a few people in the punk underground liked. And a lot of people in the punk underground also didn’t like them, either.” 

To check out Rosenstock’s new record that you’re sure to like after just half a listen, be sure to look below. To pick up a physical copy, head here.