Grayscale Reveal Hilarious New Video For “If I Ever See You Again” Starring Drummer Nick Veno

Calling all Grayscale fans! For anyone concerned about drummer Nick Veno’s alleged “departure” from the band, it’s time to put your worries to rest as the Philly pop-punk act has revealed it was all a tease for their brand new music video.

What started as your standard “ex-member is no longer a part of the band” post, which even came with a heated response from Veno himself, has now lead to a brand new video for “If I Ever See You Again” starring the young drummer as he fights (literally) for his chance to stay in the band. 

“We’ve been wanting to do a fun video for a long time and finally we had the opportunity to go all out,” explained Grayscale. “The song, ‘If I Ever See You Again,’ was written to have a swinging pub rock vibe so we needed a narrative that matched its energy. What better way than to put the shyest member of our band in the most ridiculous situation? The video is light-hearted and absurd, a humor that aligns better with who we are as people. We’re thrilled with how it came out and it makes us laugh every time.”

As for how the “shy” co-founding Grayscale member felt about the new video, Veno opened up about the intense physicality of everything saying: "This music video shoot was challenging for me because not only did I have to act, but also repeatedly take hits from professional wrestlers in the ring. At first. I was intimated by the whole scene, but everyone was excited to teach me how to take [a] hit without hurting myself and had the patience to walk me through the steps of each move. At the end of the day, I felt like I had accomplished so much and really came out of my shell to perform the way the video called for." 

To check out Veno’s staring role in “If I Ever See You Again,” which may or may not feature a reference to the movie Waiting (Google it), be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Grayscale out on tour with State Champs here.