Go Goldfish Shopping with Basement in New “Aquasun” Video

In anticipation of their forthcoming album Promise Everything – which hits stores January 29 via Run For Cover Records UK emo outfit Basement have just premiered their self-directed music video for “Aquasun.” 

First debuting via Red Bull, the pet shop/arcade-friendly video follows a man and newly purchased goldfish as they experience a bumpy first few hours together. 

Spoiler alert: No animals were hurt in the making of this video, and according to the band, “Gavin [the goldfish] now lives in a big fish tank with plenty of food and is enjoying his new found fame.”  

To check out the new video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pre-order Promise Everything but also pick up tickets to see Basement alongside Defeater, Turnstile and Colleen Green here.