Get Ready To Hear Knuckle Puck Like Never Before With Synthy New Version Of “Nervous Passenger”

Inching closer and closer to the release of Shifted, aka Knuckle Puck’s five-song reworking of their recently released LP Shapeshifter, the Illinois outfit have just dropped a reimagined version of their track “Nervous Passenger.”

Beginning with a dreamy, elevator music-like vibe, Knuckle Puck’s newest tune suddenly kicks in with some syrupy-sweet synths and some soft-sounding vocals from Joe Taylor – almost like a modern-day version of Say Anything’s “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” or anything from Reggie And The Full Effect.   

To check out the calming and experimental new track, be sure to see below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pre-order Shifted before it hits stores April 6th but also grab tickets to see Knuckle Puck out on tour with Boston Manor, Free Throw and more here.    

Origional Version: