Get Ready To Freak Out: My Chemical Romance Is Teasing Something Big


On October 23, 2006, My Chemical Romance released one of the biggest and most influential records not only in the emo/screamo scene but also in the modern rock era. The Black Parade debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 charts and sky-rocketed the band’s career to supreme rock star status. 

Now, almost ten years later, the currently broken-up act has just released a new video potentially teasing not only the reunion of the New Jersey outfit but also a ten-year celebration of the record that changed the band’s (and their fans’) lives.

Of course, like any good teaser video, after watching the clip above we’re all pretty much left in the dark except for a date of September, 23 2016 – a month before the “official” ten-year mark. However, after doing some investigative work and digging into the band’s new logo (which you can see below), we’d like to think the letters “M,” “C,” “R” and “X” represent the band’s name and the Roman numeral for ten.

Nonetheless, all speculation aside, the fact that My Chemical Romance is back and on the lips of everybody in the scene once again sure feels good. As soon as any additional news breaks, we’ll be sure to update with all information.