Get Ready To Be Bummed In The Best Way Possible After Hearing Sorority Noise Frontman Cover Twenty One Pilots

No stranger to covers recently taking a stab at Julien Baker’s “Sprained Ankle” and Rick And Morty’s “Tiny Rick,” Sorority Noise frontman/guitarist Cameron Boucher has recently shared his new heartbreaking rendition of Twenty One Pilots’ “Tear In My Heart.” 

“When I was home for winter break last year, my little brother Connor showed me this song,” says Boucher. “It’s truly a hit, like, objectively great. [It’s] catchy, the pacing is really great and the way the choruses develop are akin to the way the Killers have done it.”

The young vocalist continued to add, “I’m particularly taken to this song, specifically because the dynamics allow for it to take its full stride, so I thought it would be interesting to try and take it in the opposite direction and see how it worked … so I made this rearrangement and made the mistake of showing it to my dear friend Maria!”

To check out the totally different and much sadder version of “Tear In My Heart,” be sure to look below.