Get Off Your Phones And Watch The Color Morale’s New Video For “Walls”


Okay, so before we begin: No, we’re not against the use of cellular phones. The idea of having a mini-computer in our pockets at all times is actually pretty cool. On the other hand though, as pointed out in The Color Morale’s new video for “Walls,” when that mini-computer starts to disrupt and interfere with everyday life, well then yeah, we actually are pretty against them. 

This idea isn’t new however and, according to frontman Garett Rapp, he too shares a similar opinion. “The [‘Walls’] music video is a representation of the personal and social disconnect in relationships. This is a topic heavily debated within social media and a reflection of the songs lyrical content which deals with creating barriers to avoid vulnerability to another.”

To check out the video shot in The Noise’s backyard of Hollywood, CA, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for The Color Morale’s forthcoming album Desolate Divine – which hits stores August 19 via Fearless – can be found here