Get High with Mod Sun on His Latest Track "Never Quit" Ft. Travis Barker


Since his start in the music scene back in 2009, modern day hippy Mod Sun has never shied away from is his passion for smoking weed. Practically every video you see the self-proclaimed “Hippy Hop” rapper in, there’s bound to be a pot reference or two somewhere nearby.

Now by no means is that a bad thing, we guess it’s just his thing, that’s all. So, that being said, we guess it was only a matter of time until the long-haired, sunglass-wearing emcee released a track completely devoted to how he will “Never quit, never quit, never quit smoking.”

Accompanied with a full band including drum icon Travis Barker, “Never Quit” is a catchy, up-lifting, garage-esque track that will most likely make you miss the warm days of sitting poolside in July.

To check out the track for yourself, be sure to watch it’s accompanying music video below. Also, make sure to be on the look out for Mod Sun’s debut album Look Up which will hit stores in March of 2015.