Former Neck Deep Bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans Debuts New EDM Solo Project Prblm Chld


After about six long months since his departure from Neck Deep, bassist and backup vocalist Fil Thorpe-Evans has finally revealed to fans what he’s been working on since he left the band he helped co-found.

Titled as Prblm Chld, Thorpe-Evans’ latest musical endeavor is quite a left turn from his pop-punk roots as, from the looks of his debut single “Voices,” it’s a dancy EDM-fueled project.    

“Prblm Chld to me is simply my opportunity to release music that I enjoy without regard to consequence—music that doesn’t need approval from anybody else,” says Thorpe-Evans. “It’s my chance to be as experimental as I can while creating what I want, when I want. I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time and can’t wait to share more music soon.”

Touching on where the unique EDM-influence came from, the young musician said, “Two years ago, I didn’t even really know this music existed. My whole life was consumed by the alternative scene/pop world, but then I discovered one song by one artist by accident and it completely opened my mind to a new style of music. Very quickly it wasn’t enough to just listen to this music, I needed to learn how to create it.”

To check out Prblm Chld’s lead single “Voices” featuring Jess Coppens, be sure to look below. For more from Thorpe-Evans’ new project, head here.