Former Issues Vocalist Michael Bohn Talks New “Fall Out Boy Meets Modern Country” Side-Project WildHeart

For those who haven’t been keeping track, it’s been one year, one month and three days since unclean vocalist Michael Bohn and metalcore outfit Issues went their separate ways. After keeping relatively quiet since his departure, Bohn has finally spoken up about his future in music.

In a recent interview with Rock Sound, the frontman opened up about his newest project WildHeart saying, "Towards the end of my time in Issues, I wanted to do a side-project to get the style of music that WildHeart represents out of my system. This has given me the opportunity to fully do it. It’s a lot lighter sounding, at times almost like if Fall Out Boy went a bit modern country. There are so many bands in the metal scene that just hit a ceiling. I don’t want to do that or fit into a certain bubble. It’s time for a change. We want to tour with anyone we can, go at this full-force.”

Bohn continued, “It’s music where you can drive along, wind the windows down and just enjoy it. I know people are expecting me to write about what happened with Issues but it’s not going to happen. I’m past it, moving forward 100 percent and not looking back. There’s one song especially about starting over from square one. When you’re on a high and then all of a sudden you drop, you’ve got to go back to your roots and find your passion again, like when you were a teenager. That’s what WildHeart is.”

If you’re excited to hear exactly what WildHeart will sound like, the band will be releasing their debut single March 1st. Until then, be sure to follow them online here