Five More Warped Tour 2015 Artists Announced

Welcome back everyone to your weekly Warped Tour artist update for 2015. Since we’re sure your’re just chomping at the bits to know who was added, we’re gonna make this quick.

Just announced yesterday, Warped Tour 2015 will be featuring BoyMeetsWorld, Candy Hearts, I Killed The Prom Queen, Sirens & Sailors and Youth in Revolt.

So… excited? Confused? Unaffected emotionally? Let us know your thoughts on the new bands now by heading to Twitter and tweeting us @thenosie. Also, be sure to pick up your tickets to Warped Tour by clicking here  

Warped Tour 2015 Lineup So Far: 

Candy Hearts
I Killed The Prom Queen
Sirens and Sailors
Youth In Revolt
Being As An Ocean
Born Cages
Rotting Out
While She Sleeps
The Wonder Years
Matchbook Romance
Baby Boy
Icon For Hire
The Relapse Symphony
Black Boots
Escape The Fate
Hands Like Houses
Le Castle Vania
As It Is
Beautiful Bodies
Fit For A King
Alive Like Me
Lee Corey Oswald
Trophy Eyes
Family Force 5
Neck Deep
Front Porch Step
Kosha Dillz