Fat Mike the Musical?


NOFX frontman and punk rock icon Fat Mike is back in the news (for much better reasons this time) as he just announced the release of a brand new album. While most of you probably assumed it’s a new NOFX or even Me First and the Gimmie Gimmes record, we’re here to tell you that you’re a bit off.

On February 10, through his record label Fat Wreck Chords, Fat Mike will be releasing the soundtrack to his punk rock musical titled, Home Street Home. Yes, you read that correctly: punk rock musical. According to his label, “Home Street Home tells a story of survival and love among runaway teenagers living on the streets and features music written by Fat Mike of NOFX.”

Along with music written by Fat Mike, the Home Sweet Home soundtrack will also feature songwritting collaborations from Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, Frank Turner and the late Tony Sly of No Use For A Name. In addition, the new release will also include artist contributions from the likes of Lagwagon, Descendents, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Aggrolites and more.

As for the musical, here’s what the iconic bass player had to say about it: 

"Ever since I saw Rocky Horror when I was 8, I’ve been intrigued by musicals. Well, not all musicals, just the ones that break the mold. Luckily, I found two people, Jeff Marx and Soma Snakeoil, that love breaking things as much as I do. This is f*cking fun!"

While no dates or actors have been released yet for Home Sweet Home, it doesn’t mean we can’t speculate, right? How awesome would it be to have recent Broadway performers Micheal Cera, Hugh Jackman or even Davey Havok get in on this? Let us know what you think about Home Sweet Home as well as who you’d like to see star in it by tweeting us @thenoise on Twitter.

For more information, be sure to stay tuned.