Erra Sign To UNFD, Share Shreddy New Single “Snowblood”


Great news Erra fans! It looks like the band is ready to embark upon a new era (no pun intended) as they have just announced their singing to UNFD. 

Joining the likes of Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Like Moths To Flames and plenty more, the seasoned metalcore act is celebrating their new home with the release of a brand new single. 

Titled “Snowblood,” according to vocalist/guitarist Jesse Cash, the shreddy new track sees the band approach some of their moodiest material yet.    

“The ‘Snowblood‘ instrumental had a dark intensity to it, so the only lyrics that seemed to fit contextually ended up being some of the darkest we’ve ever written,” says Cash. “We wanted to paint a picture of a person’s deteriorating mental health by creating imagery akin to what you’d see in a horror movie. Instrumentally and lyrically, all the key elements of where we’re heading as a band on our new material are there.”

To check out the new track to get hyped for the future of Erra, be sure to look below.