Enter Shikari Share Surprise Video For New Single “Redshift”


Just 12 months after releasing their latest full-length album The Mindsweep, electrocore outfit Enter Shikari has surprised fans by not only leaking a brand new track titled “Redshift” but also uploading a corresponding music video as well. 

Sounding a little more tame than their previously released singles “Slipshod,” “Anaesthetist” and “The Last Garrison,” “Redshift” is a borderline pop-rock track focused around the solar system – oh, and luck as well.         

“Redshift’ is a song about bloody good luck! On the grandest of scales! Literally!” explains frontman Rou Reynolds. “Our universe is expanding faster and faster and a few trillion years from now, everything will have sped away from us so fast that all we would see when looking out from Earth is empty space. We would deduce that we were totally alone in the universe. A lost sheep. The last and only biscuit in the tin.”

To check out the new, very well shot clip directed by Mike Tyler, be sure to look below.