Enter Shikari Release Electro-Laced Track “Supercharge,” Comment On Recent Manchester Attack


As we’re sure most of you are very well aware, yesterday was, to put it lightly, a pretty tough day for showgoers all across the world. What started quite pleasantly as electro-core UK outfit Enter Shikari shared their surprise new single “Supercharge” quickly turned to disaster and tragedy as news broke of the Ariana Grande Manchester bombing. 

Now, again, since we’re sure you are probably very well aware of the godawful act of terror that took place yesterday, we are not going to dive into the details. Instead, we’re going to pass along the heartfelt note Enter Shikari shared to their fans this morning. Additionally, if you’d like to check out the brand new track from the St Albans four-piece, see below. 

Spread love, not hate.  

“Enter Shikari’s relationship with Manchester runs deep.
Some of our earliest sold out shows and biggest shows since have been in Manchester.
We have a lot of friends in Manchester.
Some of our favourite music comes from Manchester.

As musicians, artists, “entertainers” our job means we spend a lot of our lives in venues around the world. We work with the venue staff and security just like the ones who would have been working last night’s Ariana Grande show. We play to audiences who leave their houses looking for a entertainment, and fully expecting to arrive home afterwards, just like the ones who were at last night’s Ariana Grande show.
So while ANY horrific attack is deeply saddening, no matter where it takes place, an attack like last night’s, at a venue where people (many of them just children) had gathered purely to enjoy music.. that hits home just that little harder.
Our hearts and thoughts go out to anyone who has been affected by last night’s tragedy.

The response of the people of Manchester - offering their homes, cars, kettles and hearts to people stranded and scared in the city centre - only goes to highlight the strength and warmth of Manchester’s people, and what makes it such a special city.

Some of you may have seen a couple of things that leaked earlier (a small handful of European show adverts slipped out) - or noticed our hint yesterday evening that something was afoot for later in the year - and gotten wind that a tour announcement was planned for today.
For obvious reasons, we have cancelled that announcement.
However, due to magazine adverts that will run tomorrow, we are forced into a situation where we have to announce the tour in the morning no matter what.
We’re very much aware that announcing an arena tour and expecting people to be excited about it at a time such as this could look clumsy and insensitive, but the situation is beyond our control at this late stage.

With that said.. acts of terror are designed to make people afraid to live their normal lives, and we refuse to cower in the shadow of cowardly acts. We stand with the people of Manchester, and with all people who believe that through unity and love we can fight the extremist minority that would seek to divide us.

Love, Enter Shikari x”