Emarosa Debut New Synth-Led Track “Ready To Love”


Ahead of their upcoming Peach Club Tour with Too Close To Touch and Veins, soulful pop-rock outfit Emarosa has just debuted a brand new standalone single.  

Titled “Ready To Love,” Emarosa’s latest continues with their synthy, 80′s-inspired vibes as heard on their newest LP Peach Club.

Talking about the track, frontman Bradley Walden said, “‘Ready To Love’ is that bite that’s too hot. You know it’ll hurt, you know it’s not ready, but it takes the pain to learn your lesson.” 

Walden went on to add, “The older you get the more self-aware you become about what you want for yourself and what you want in a partner. A lot of time can be wasted being with people out of loneliness. This song is a reflection of moving [past] that and knowing what you want, knowing your worth and knowing what you are/are not ready for.”

To check out the new track to get you ready for the band’s mostly sold-out headlining tour, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from Emarosa, head here.

via Billboard