Discover Your Inner Carefree Feeling With Grayscale’s Dancy New Single “Diamond”

Had enough of 2020′s pit of despair? Want to listen to something that will take you out of your feels and into a vibe that will make you feel good? Look no further than Grayscale’s dynamic new single “Diamond.”

Continuing to show off their always evolving sound as heard on last year’s Nella Vita and their recent Live From The Barber Shop Studios EP, Grayscale’s newest track “Diamond” might just be their most diverse yet showing off their eclectic electro-pop skills.

“‘Diamond’ is a song about feeling free and in control of your mind and your life,” says singer Collin Walsh. “It’s a song about feeling ecstasy, warmth, comfort, calmness, and confidence all at once. That carefree feeling is something I’ve been in search of all my life; when I feel it now and then, I try to hold onto it as long as I can. It’s a song about that ‘Damn, everything feels so good right now, I’m just going to ride this wave before it crashes again’ feeling.”

Walsh continues, “Through struggle comes growth. I’ve had quite a lot of both the last few years. ‘Diamond’ is about conquering that feeling of hopelessness that comes through you and just accepting that that’s part of being human. It’s all about enjoying the highs and taking the lows as they both inevitably come along.”

To check out the infectious new track and accompanying animated music video, be sure to look below.