DED Debut New Raucous Two-Track EP ‘Mannequin Eyes’


With just a couple weeks to go until they kick off their tour with In This Moment, Black Veil Brides and Raven Black, nu-metal noisemakers DED have just debuted a new two-track EP entitled Mannequin Eyes

Featuring singles “Eyes Sewn Shut” and “A Mannequin Idol,” according to frontman Joe Cotela, DED’s new hard-hitting release is all about change.

“The new music is about clarity through suffering and the frustration that comes with knowing that everyone can be better than they are - that I can be better than I am because change starts with yourself,” says Cotela. “We want people to strive and try and be conscious of the things they consume, the way they act, the things they share and celebrate, and the way they live their life - to understand how that all affects their soul and what their legacy is going to be.” 

To check out the two new songs to help hold you over until DED’s forthcoming album drops later this year via Suretone Records, be sure to look below.