Death From Above 1979 Release Provocative New Video for “Virgins”

Since the release of last year’s comeback album The Physical World, Canadian rock duo Death From Above 1979 have been dominating the rock world. And, in attempt of continuing their reign, the guys have just released an absurd new music video for their track “Virgins.”

With the help of some very curious Amish teens, the video takes a page out of the movie Sex Drive and their out-of-control Rumspringa party (which featured Fall Out Boy by the way).    

Complete with tree humping, chair wrestling and an excess of eye licking and goat milk, “Virgins” definitely gets a little rowdy. 

When asked about the video, which was directed by Eva Michon (aka Sebastien Grainger’s wife), Death From Above 1979 stated the following:

“The video takes cues from the lyrics of the song which are a meditation on innocence and coming of age. That very precarious time in life when sex is elusive, maybe even frightening but always compelling.”   

To check out the video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up tickets to see Death From Above on tour alongside Deftones and Incubus here.