Dance Gavin Dance Announce 10-Year Tour With Support From Slaves, A Lot Like Birds & More


In support of their recent release of Instant Gratification, Sacramento post-hardcore experimentalists Dance Gavin Dance have just announced one hell of tour featuring Slaves, A Lot Like Birds, Dayshell and Strawberry Girls.

Now, for some of you non-diehard Dance Gavin Dance fans, this announcement may just seem like yet another pretty cool DGD headlining gig. However, for the longtime listeners, you probably picked up on the magnitude of this right away as it will be the first-ever opportunity to see all three Dance Gavin Dance vocalists in the same night. 

Yes, the self-titled and Happiness era frontman Kurt Travis will be there with his progressive post-hardcore outfit A Lot Like Birds. Yes, Downtown Battle Mountain and Downtown Battle Mountain II vocalist Jonny Craig will be there fronting his recently controversial act Slaves. And yes, of course, currently running the show with Will Swan, Matt Mingus, Jon Mess and co. will be Tilian Pearson.        

In addition to the former frontman all reuniting, the tour will also include support from one-time DGD rhythm guitarist Zachary Garren and his new band Strawberry Girls.    

In celebration of ten years as a band, it seems as though Dance Gavin Dance is pulling out all the stops to make this tour as memorable as possible. 

To check out tour dates and locations, be sure to look below.