Dan Lambton Talks Warped Tour, Growing Up and New Real Friends Record In Recent idobi Interview

This Saturday on idobi Radio, we’re very excited to announce we’ll be airing our exclusive interview with Real Friends’ frontman Dan Lambton.

Speaking with Dan about Real Friends’ recently announced album The Home Inside My Head, the deep-thinking vocalist gave us some insight on his lyrical input for the record as well as some of the themes behind them.

“This is the first record I had contributed lyrics to. ‘Cause everything in the past – there were like one or two songs within everything else that I had contributed a good chunk of lyrics for, but this is the first time that I had six songs that I had written lyrics for that we recorded. Four of them are on the [final] record. So, in that sense, there is a new prospective being brought to the subject matter in the music which I think is a good thing ‘cause it just helps us kinda vary it up.”

He continued to add, “As far as the themes go, I feel like a main thing is expectations versus reality. Whether it’s, you know, you being young – say you’re in high school – you think that you have everything you want to do with your life, job wise, figured out. You think it’s gonna be perfect. You’re gonna go to school. You’re gonna get it all figured it. You’re gonna get a job. You’re gonna get your degree. Great. Awesome. But it doesn’t always work out that way because that is life. Nothing you truly want is gonna come easy.”              

To check out the full interview discussing Real Friends’ upcoming run on the Vans Warped Tour, their latest $5 tour and, of course, more on their new record, tune into Idobi.com/radio from 4-5pm PST // 7-8pm EST this Saturday.

Until then, check out Real Friends’ brand new single “Colder Quicker” and pre-order their forthcoming album here.