Dan Campbell and Ace Enders Created A ‘Friday Night Lights’ Side-Project Called Clear Eyes Fanzine

Inspiration is a funny thing. You never know when it’s going to hit and what it will move you to accomplish. For some creative geniuses, inspiration can be found glancing through past work, reading a good book or, for the sake of The Wonder Years’ Dan Campbell and The Early November’s Ace Enders, watching Friday Night Lights.    

That’s right, thanks to the NBC high school football drama starring Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, Campbell and Enders have decided to collaborate and create a new side-project centered all around the award-winning TV show.   

“Ace and I have been talking about this project for years. The first time the two of us worked together on a record, we bonded over our love of FNL, often quoting it before vocal takes,” says Campbell about his new side-project Clear Eyes Fanzine. “We’re both so excited that this thing finally, actually exists, and we hope fans of the show and fans of our music appreciate this little labor of love that we built.”

Along with the announcement of their newest musical endeavor, Campbell and Enders have also decided to drop a new six-track EP entitled Season One, Episodes 1-6 – we’re pretty sure you can figure out which part of the show the EP is about.

For your first glimpse into Clear Eyes Fanzine, be sure to check out their heartfelt EP below. Afterward, for a limited-print merch bundle, head here.