Costume Class: Here Are Awsten Knight’s Tips On How To Dress As Waterparks For Halloween


With Halloween less than two days away, we’re sure most of you probably have a good idea as to what your costume is going to be. However, for those desperately on the hunt for the perfect holiday getup, look no further as we reached out to our Halloween aficionado, Awsten Knight. 

Asking the Waterparks frontman about how someone can become the ultimate Parx fan and dress as the talented trio, Awsten gave us some wonderful tips and suggestions on how to pull that off. 

To see what Awsten recommended to dress as himself and his fellow bandmates Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood – which yes, might include purchasing one of these fabulous Awsten Knight wigs – be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of Waterparks’ new album FANDOM and grab tickets to see the band out on their upcoming Noise Presents headliner here


Hair: tennis ball green
Shirt: big colorful sweater
Pants: blue jeans
Shoes: Pumas/Vans that match the sweater
Attitude: incredible show-stopping wow


Hair: Brown with a QUIFF
Shirt: windbreaker with high neck
Pants: black skinny jeans
Shoes: Asics
Attitude: sweetest boy


Hair: long brown curly hair
Shirt: crop top
Pants: short shorts
Shoes: red Vans
Attitude: rides a unicycle