Contemplate Your Love Life On LSD With Direct Hit’s Latest “Was It The Acid?”


Can we be real with you for a second? As cool as we may seem to some of you out there, our lives are actually pretty tame. Yes, we’ve seen some cool shit concert wise, but when it comes to hallucinating and watching a dancing turkey on the streets, that’s just not the life we live – and we’re totally fine with that. Instead, we leave that world of prancing poultry up to Fat Wreck Chords act Direct Hit and their latest video for “Was It The Acid?.”

Billed as one of the only love songs on their upcoming concept record Wasted Mind – which is inspired by William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – “Was It The Acid?,” although having a more fast-paced feel, was based on the idea of dreams and hallucinogens.       

“‘Was It The Acid?’ is the only love song on Wasted Mind and it’s through the lens of a lot of hallucinogens,” explains vocalist Nick Woods. “I wrote the lyrics for it kind of imagining a freewheeling dream where these two people escape some kind of nightmare together and find one another in the process. Not in any way that a sober person would understand, but I think the feeling’s there at least.”

In regards to the video featuring a no-good festive fowl frolicking through the streets of Milwaukee, Woods says the filming process was actually pretty simple – annoying to some, but simple.     

“We made this video for [”Was It The Acid?”] in three hours outside the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee. All of the people who appear beside me and Steve here just kind of happened upon us and ended up on camera. Some of them were psyched, a lot of them weren’t. We blocked a lot of traffic and irritated a lot of people shooting footage from inside a car going five mph in a 35 speed limit.”

To watch the trippy new visual, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for Wasted Mind can be found here.