Comedian Jonah Ray Set To Release A Punk Covers EP of Weird Al Songs

Okay so before you ask, no this is not an article from The Hard Times. This is actually happening. Today comedian/actor Jonah Ray has announced he will be releasing a new covers EP of Weird Al songs – which yes, Weird Al songs are technically already cover songs so this will be Ray covering Weird Al covering other well-known artists, kind of. 

Set to hit stores August 9th via Asain Man Records, Ray’s new five-track EP will officially be titled You Can’t Call Me Al. Posting about the forthcoming EP and shedding a little back story, Asian Man Records took to Facebook to say: 

“Who is this Jonah Ray guy? Do you recognize him? You might know him better from Mystery Science Theater 3000 or the Nerdist Podcast, but I know him from the Hawaiin punk scene in the early 2000’s. So what does this all mean?

Well, it means we are releasing Jonah’s very first musical release called You Can’t Call Me Al. So here’s the deal. Jonah recorded original music using Weird Al lyrics. The result is a crazy mish mash of Atom and His Package meets Jeff Rosenstock meets Weezer meets warm smiles.

Produced by Zac Zarper from FIDLAR with special guest Cody Votolato from Blood Brothers on guitar.”

For your first glimpse at what’s to come from Jonah Ray, be sure to check out his AJJ-like rendition of Weird Al’s take on Coolio’s “Gangster Paradise” below. Afterward, to pre-order You Can’t Call Me Al, head here


1. Dare To Be Stupid
2. Frank’s 2000" TV
3. Reptilicus (New Wave)
4. Amish Paradise
5. Eat It