Christopher Kim Departs From Slaves

In a very strange coincidence of lineup changes yesterday (Every Time I Die, Letlive.), Slaves and their now ex-guitarist Christopher Kim can be added to that list.

Announced via a string of now-deleted tweets, Kim declared to his followers that he is no longer a member of Slaves and doesn’t want to be a part of a “fake and toxic environment.”

While Kim gave no exact reason as to why he left the band, conspiracies assuming it had to do with frontman Jonny Craig have been laid to rest as Kim tweeted to Craig, “don’t know why you’re getting all this hate. You’re still my favey. 🙈👄 👄 “

Yes, that’s right, he said “favey.”

Anyways, if you’d like to get your chance to see Christopher Kim alongside Jonny Craig one last time, the two have three more shows remaining on Craig’s Jonny x Kyle x Midnite tour. You can purchase your tickets here.