Check It Out: Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy Reviews... Dark Comedy ‘Thunder Road’


If you follow Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy on Twitter or Instagram, or even if you’ve seen his band live, you’re probably well aware of the charismatic charm he exudes on a daily basis. 

Whether he’s tweeting about pandas or egging crowds on to do better in the pit, Murphy is without a doubt one-of-a-kind. 

For that reason and that reason alone, we knew he’d be the perfect person for our brand new review segment here on The Noise. Without saying too much, we’ll let the honest and outspoken frontman do the rest. Enjoy!

Welcome. I’m just as confused about this as you are. The lovely people at The Noise hit me up asking if I’d be interested in a short series of reviews for all of the bullshit I’ve been consuming during quarantine. Movies, music, food, whatever. I’m flattered! I by no means consider myself to be a “taste maker” of sorts, but when I like something I REALLY like it… and when I dislike something it ruins my fucking life. Dramatic, I know. People have used that word to describe me before and I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but it is what it is… it’s ME hun xox.


I’m going to start this series of reviews off with a movie I watched recently called Thunder Road. I was at Alex Re’s house the other night hanging with him and the original Counterparts bassist Eric Bazinet. While we were hanging out they asked me if I had ever seen a movie called Thunder Road. I hadn’t even heard of it, but they both told me I’d love it and if there’s anyone I trust when it comes to movie recommendations, it’s them. Except the odd time when Alex is going on about how he’s watched La La Land like 62 fucking times. Alex if you’re reading this, I’ll get around to it just get off my fuckin’ back.

Anyway, the movie is called Thunder Road. It’s on Netflix in Canada, so I’m assuming if we’re lucky enough to get it, it’s probably available worldwide. If not, I think it’s up for rent/purchase on Youtube and it is 100% worth the money. 

The movie is written, directed and starring Jim Cummings. Was not aware of him prior to Thunder Road but it’s my understanding that the movie is based off a short film he made of the same name that received excellent reviews at Sundance.

The movie is about a police officer (gross, I know, but it’s a movie chill out) named Jim whose life is quite literally falling apart. His mother recently passed away, he just got divorced and he may soon need to start looking for work. The movie opens with Jim at his mother’s funeral struggling to give a eulogy. I know some of you may read this and think I’m fuckin’ insane but it’s simultaneously the saddest and funniest 10 minutes of a movie I think I’ve ever seen. 


Honestly, the entire movie has the same vibe. At times it’s very apparent whether you should be laughing or crying, but for the majority of the movie I found myself unsure… and loved it. 

I feel like anyone who is familiar with me personally can understand why I would be drawn to something like this. People often ask me how I can have this relaxed/funny attitude in day-to-day life and then turn around and write such heavy lyrics. Truthfully, I don’t have an answer but I don’t think that how I enjoyed this movie as much as I did would come as a surprise. 

On another note, I’m not sure about Jim Cumming’s filmography, but JESUS can the man act. Give the guy a fucking Oscar or a Golden Globe or whatever… at LEAST give him your time and maybe your $6 if you have to buy the movie on Youtube. 

His portrayal of someone spiraling yet trying their best to hold it together is incredibly accurate… through the entire movie I connected with the character so much that at times I got the feeling of deja vu. I feel like most people can relate to him. If you can’t then I’m not only happy for you, I’m extremely worried about how you’ll handle it if/when the time comes, BUT I’d still recommend the film regardless. 


I’ll leave it at that so I don’t give away too much. I simply loved the movie. I feel like depending on where you’re at while you watch it, it will either leave you laughing or even more depressed than before you started. I felt both ends of the spectrum and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. I can’t say I’d recommend this for a date night unless your partner is already aware of how fucked up you are. If not, you just might end up on Tinder again… and nobody wants that. 

10/10. A+. TWO THUMBS UP. Whatever. Watch the fucking movie please.

- Brendan (a normal cool dude)