Celebrate Friday The 13th With Ice Nine Kills’ Vocalist Spencer Charnas


Welcome everyone to the one-and-only Friday the 13th of 2016. Like most Friday the 13ths, we’ve been extremely careful to avoid all black cats, ladders, mirrors and grains of salt – but that’s just because we’re allergic to felines, too lazy to do housework and had a rough night last night with some extra salty margaritas… 

Anyways, all jokes aside, one tradition we do love to embrace on the unluckiest day of the year is watching Friday the 13th. Whether it’s the original from 1980 or the most bizarre version in outerspace, we greatly enjoy seeing one of horror’s most iconic characters Jason Voorhees as he shreds through unsuspecting campgoers – and yes, astronauts too. 

Now, as we’re sure this is a pretty popular routine in various households, we found somebody who actually chose to take their love for Friday the 13th a litte bit further than just watching the slasher flick. Instead, he decided he wanted to live it. 

“Here is a collection of photos from the time I broke into the camp where they filmed the original Friday The 13th,” says Jason Voorhees superfan and Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas. 

“The [Friday the 13th] filming took place in late 1979 at a boy scout camp called No-Be-Bo-Sco located in Blairstown NJ. The camp is still fully operational to this day,” says Charnas in an email telling us about his recent trip to the East Coast. 

Now, while we don’t necessarily condone breaking into places, hearing about someone brave enough to venture into the filming grounds of Friday the 13th is pretty sweet. So, with the permission of Charnas, we’ve decided to publish his photos. And, for those unfamiliar with the original Friday the 13th, we’ve provided the trailer below for reference. 

After checking out the movie clip as well as Charnas’ photos, be sure to pick up Ice Nine Kills latest album Every Trick In The Book here


“I was willing to be arrested for trespassing and breaking and entering in order to snap these shots of the most iconic fictional summer camp in horror cinema history, Camp Crystal Lake.”


“Happy Friday the 13th everyone! You’re all doomed…”

Friday the 13th playlist: