Capture The Crown Explain Supposed Break Up, Share Heavy New Track “Lost Control”

Well guys, the rumors are true: The days of the Australian metalcore outfit Capture The Crown are no more – just not the way you think. After completely erasing everything from their social media accounts except for a “RIP CTC” post, fans were quick to assume that simply meant the end of Capture The Crown. Instead, earlier today, the members have revealed that they are not breaking up and simply pursuing a new project; a project by the name of Capture. 

Now, before you’re quick to think that again marks the end of Capture The Crown, as frontman Jeffrey Wellfare points out, Capture is simply just a new era for the band. 

“We did a ‘RIP CTC’ [post] because we’re not going to be referred to as Capture The Crown anymore—we’re just going to be Capture,” says Wellfare. “It allows us to play some back catalog stuff, but it also allows us to progress into a new realm that we’ve been wanting to do for a while.”

“It’s weird,” Wellfare continued to add, “because I feel like I’ve been stuck in Capture The Crown for a few years and doing stuff that I don’t really enjoy doing because obviously at the beginning the band, my music choices and tastes were very different from what I’m into now. That was seven years ago—even longer than that. People change, opinions change and music tastes change, and I’m just moving forward with what I feel comfortable with and what everyone else in my team and the band feels comfortable with. We’re just going to capitalize on that and if people like it, they like it, and if not, it’s all good. Just going to do it and enjoy it.”

In regards to what the new project might sound like, Wellfare states that it’s not going to deviate too far from Capture The Crown and instead be more of a transition into new sounds.  

“[Capture is] going to compliment what direction we want to go in and open a lot of new doors for us. But it’s a weird place to be in because for a long time, we’ve been in the metalcore or the metal scene of things, and I kind of want to get out of it. I feel like there’s a lot of negativity around it, and I’m too old for that stuff now. Not that I don’t want to be a part of it, but I don’t really want to associate myself with negativity that comes with the genre that we’re playing right now. It’s just moving forward and being happy and getting excited about music again, and I’m very, very excited about this album and moving forward.”

With all that said, for those anxiously awaiting to hear new music from Capture, the band has decided to debut a brand new single today titled as “Lost Control.” To check out the Blessthefall-meets-Crown The Empire-like track, be sure to look below. 

In addition to the new project and single – as if that wasn’t enough new information to freak out over – the band has also announced a headlining tour with My Enemies And I, Dayseeker and Kingdom Of Giants. For tour dates and locations, see below. To pick up tickets, head here.