Buddy Nielsen Reveals Massive Senses Fail News Including Re-Recording Debut EP ‘From The Depths Of Dreams’


Senses Fail fans! We hope you’re ready for a jaw-dropping dose of fantastic news from frontman Buddy Nielsen. Taking to Instagram stories earlier this morning, the honest and outspoken frontman has dropped the motherload of Senses Fail news saying:

1) Senses Fail are currently re-recording their breakout debut EP From The Depths Of Dreams with Saosin’s Beau Burchell handling the production. The EP will eventually be re-released on vinyl (after only pressing 500 copies initially) and will be accompanied with a tour where the band will play the entire 2002 release in full.

2) Senses Fail will not re-record an acoustic version of “The Ground Folds” on the newly released version of From The Depths Of Dreams and will instead include an updated version of their single “Bastard Son” – which, according to Neilson, was supposed to be on the EP initially.   

3) To celebrate 20 years as a band in 2022, Nielsen and company plan to release a retrospective vinyl box set including every Senses Fail album followed by a tour around the release.  

4) Senses Fail also have plans to write and record another new full-length album following up this year’s phenomenal LP If There Is Light, It Will Find You.  

5) Lastly, after years of retiring their fan-favorite track “One Eight Seven” from all live performances, Nielsen has confirmed Senses Fail will be bringing the track back and playing it again soon.   

See, what did we tell you? That has to be some of best news you’ve heard all year, right? Now to prepare yourself for all the forthcoming Senses Fail releases, make sure to grab your tickets to see the band out on tour early next year with The Amity Affliction, Belmont and the newly added Silent Planet here