Broadside Sign To SharpTone Records, Share New Single “Foolish Believer”

Great news Broadside fans! Today the popular pop-punk act has announced they have officially left Victory Records and joined the likes of Polaris, We Came As Romans, Don Broco and more over at SharpTone Records.

To celebrate their new announcement, the Richmond-based band has released a brand new single titled “Foolish Believer.”  

Detailing the emotional track, frontman Ollie Baxxter shares, “When I was 11 years old, I would sit on the edge of my bed and look at the cheap Walmart mirror hanging on the back of my bedroom door and pity the reflection. I realized at a young age I hated being alone even though I was incredibly good at it. Now, as an adult, I find myself chasing a dream that feels unattainable in hopes that I don’t have to see what I once did. I pay my own rent, I can afford a better mirror but the reflection still feels the same.” 

Baxxter adds, “I just want to be remembered. That’s the moral of the song. It’s selfish to dream as much as I do but I’m sick of pretending I’m fine behind closed doors, I’m just not.”

To check out Broadside’s new song and accompanying music video, be sure to see below.