Boston Manor Share Making Of ‘Glue’ Short Film Plus New ‘Poetry & Soil’ Art Show Experience

Looking to give fans an in-depth look into their latest album Glue, UK act Boston Manor has just launched a special art show experience for their fans.

Initially planned as an in-person event pre-COVID, the band has now taken the show and moved it online and paired it with an extensive 18-minute making of short film.

Explaining the switch and touching on their online gallery ‘Poetry & Soil,’ the band collectively commented, “When we were planning the release of GLUE we had originally organised an art show that was going to take place over a weekend right before the album came out. It was going to be a free event that would double as a listening party. Obviously that couldn’t happen. Instead we made it virtual.”

The band added, “‘Poetry & Soil’ features the work of all of the creatives we have worked with over this album campaign (& some of the band’s own work), showcasing the work they have done with us as well as other projects. As well as that it features a 20 minute documentary ‘A short film about GLUE’ which follows the band throughout the year we spent writing & recording the record.”

Lastly the band concluded, “ALSO there is going to be a section dedicated to YOUR artwork. Submissions will be curated by us but it doesn’t have to be band related; it can be any art you’ve made that you would like to showcase. Email submissions to”

To check out the online gallery, head here. To check out the making of documentary, see below.