Blessthefall Announce New Album, Share Lead Single “Melodramatic”

A few days after revealing they left Fearless Records for Rise Records, as promised, Blessthefall has just announced the release of their brand new album.

“It’s not often a band like ours, that’s been together for nine years, that has five full-length albums, and that survives the ups and downs of the music scene, gets a chance at a fresh start,” says singer Beau Bokan. “We’re here to say that we feel brand new again. Signing to Rise has rejuvenated us as a band and we couldn’t be more excited. They encouraged us to be ourselves and to continue to write the music that we wanted.”

Titled as Hard Feelings, Blessthefall’s first new album since 2015′s To Those Left Behind will officially hit stores March 23rd.

Touching on the new 10-track LP, Bokan adds, “Our new album Hard Feelings is a culmination of everything we love. It has all the old Blessthefall feels, along with a fresh new sound that will knock you off your feet.”

To give listeners a taste of what a “rejuvenated” Blessthefall will sound like, the band has also debuted their powerful lead single “Melodramatic.” To give the track a spin or two, be sure to see below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order Hard Feelings here.

1. “Wishful Sinking”
2. “Find Yourself”
3. “Melodramatic”
4. “Feeling Low”
5. “Cutthroat”
6. “I’m Over Being Under(rated)”
7. “Sleepless in Phoenix”
8. “Keep Me Close”
9. “Sakura Blues”
10. “Welcome Home”