Black Music Matters: A Pro-Protest Playlist To Help Fuel The Revolution

Like most of you, in trying times full of doubt and uncertainty, we turn to music as a way to cope with our emotions. Whether it’s anger, sadness or triumph, music is without a doubt the best medicine.  

Now, as we currently stare down one of the most demanding, upsetting and challenging weeks in who knows how long thanks to the unjust ways of the men in blue, we once again turn to songs of rebellion and rage to get by.

Hoping to help soundtrack the march for better days and fuel your fight to speak out against the wrongful treatment of black men and women all across the country, we have constructed an extensive playlist of punk rock, hardcore and metal music filled exclusively with artists from the African American community.   

To check out the playlist featuring artists like Body Count, FEVER 333, Jesus Piece, Ho99o9 and more, be sure to look below. Afterward, to help support the Black Lives Matter movement and raise awareness for the vicious murder of George Floyd head here